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Uniceramics Products Expo 2023

Uniceramics Products Expo15th -19th April 2023

Leading Brands, International Brands,Niche Brands, 3 Special Zones, unlimitedbusiness opportunities

Slab Multi-application Zone

3mm Slab Wall System/Integrated Slab/Honeycomb com-posite Slab and all other Solutions for Slab

Whole-House Furnishing Zone

Ceramic tile, Sanitary ware, Hardware, Lighting, Home furnishing, Furniture, Paint and all other related exhibitors


On-site Services for RCEP Certification and Consult

Product Catalog

Rock slabs, marble tiles, antique bricks, small bricks, thick bricks, exterior wall tiles, mosaics, foam ceramics, green energy boards, characteristic terrazzo, ceramic slabs, non-slip bricks, porcelain riprap, ecological stone furniture, building materials software supporting etc

Foshan Tanzhou Ceramics Expo (UNICERAMICS EXPO) is the combination of Tanzhou International Ceramics and Sanitary Ware Exhibition and Foshan International Ceramics Equipment and Materials Exhibition, which are now collectively referred to as Foshan Tanzhou Ceramics Expo. The exhibition has a total of ten professional theme exhibition halls, with an exhibition area of 120,000 square meters, attracting nearly 600+ domestic and foreign well-known brands to participate in the exhibition.

On the basis of previous years, Foshan Tanzhou Ceramics Expo (UNICERAMICS EXPO) aggregated the power of the global ceramics industry chain, focused on the latest trends in rock slabs, thick bricks, and foamed ceramics. , Crafts to products, processing technology, and application scenarios are presented in a panoramic view, becoming a veritable vane of China’s ceramic industry.

Foshan Tanzhou Ceramics Expo (UNICERAMICS EXPO) adheres to the consistent exhibition concept of “high standard, internationalization and specialization”, and gathers together Internationally renowned ceramic brands and trendy products in the industry, special exhibition halls such as the “International Brand Pavilion”, “Stone + Customization Pavilion”, and “Stone Slate Deep Processing” exhibition hall are set up. Gathering global ceramic brands and leaders in the ceramic equipment and materials industry, and truly opening up the upstream and downstream cooperation chain of the ceramic industry, is a gathering of strengths in the entire industrial chain of the industry.

Based on the strong industrial clusters in Foshan, after years of accumulation and precipitation, Foshan Tanzhou Ceramics Expo (UNICERAMICS EXPO) has accumulated rich experience in exhibition operation and service, forming the brand effect of Tanzhou Exhibition, and cooperating with ceramic enterprises at home and abroad Explore the thousands of possibilities for the future development of the ceramic industry.

Foshan Tanzhou Ceramics Expo (UNICERAMICS EXPO) will continue to deepen the global ceramics market through the promotion of media resources at home and abroad, and accurately invite international buyers, professional buyers, real estate companies, dealers, agents, designer teams and other professional audiences , to build a platform for you to bridge production, supply and sales and communicate with each other.



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