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The 43th International Dragun Furniture Fair

The 43rd International Dragon Furniture Exhibition and the 43rd International Dragon Furniture Materials Exhibition will be held from March 16th to March 19th, 2023 at the Longjiang Advance Exhibition Center in Shunde, Foshan, Guangdong, China. We sincerely invite furniture manufacturers and furniture raw and auxiliary material manufacturers to participate. As an international dragon furniture exhibition, the 42nd Longjia Exhibition will gather the most advantageous software, two-room furniture, suites, children’s furniture trendy new products and original designs in China, showing the most popular modern light luxury and minimalist Italian style in domestic consumption. , Solid wood new Chinese style and other high-end brand series.

TIME:March 16-March 19, 2023

Venue: Longjiang Advance Exhibition Center, Shunde, Foshan, Guangdong

Furniture Products catalog:

  • Panel series furniture
  • Children/Youth Series Furniture
  • Solid wood series furniture
  • Furniture Raw and Auxiliary Materials
  • Soft series furniture
  • Outdoor Series Furniture
  • Metal Glass Series Furniture
  • Home Decoration
  • Office Furniture, Hotel Furniture

Promote industrial upgrading, lead the trend and direction, so design and originality have become a highlight of the “two exhibitions”. According to reports, as one of the halls of the International Dragon Furniture Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as “Longjia Exhibition”), Qianjin Exhibition Center will promote enterprises to increase investment in brand packaging and product development, encourage original spirit, and use “product + image” packaging Demonstration and improvement, leading exhibitors to develop new products in the direction of threshold, process requirements, industrial supporting requirements, and other regions that are difficult to imitate, and launch individual, original, young and fashionable modern aesthetic new products. Similarly, Milan Hui Home Furnishing Exhibition and Trade Center, another hall of “Longjia Exhibition”, also insists on “leading and innovating”, and launches two innovative positionings: “a never-ending high-quality exhibition platform” and “brand incubation base”. Asia International Furniture Materials Expo will exhibit a number of products with high technology content, high environmental protection standards, high cost performance and high appearance value to meet the requirements of buyers and designers. At the same time, the Expo will increase efforts to promote online and offline A fusion of displays.

As one of the halls, the World Expo Hui Global Soft Decoration Design Material Selection City will take “New Attitudes to Design Life” as the theme, bringing together furniture design companies, upstream and downstream industry chains, and high-level design talents on the same value platform to create a design environment. A multi-party communication platform for the industry.

Since Longjiang proposed to implement the “D BEST” plan to revitalize the furniture industry in January this year, Longjiang Furniture has used the five major engines of design, brand, exhibition, super headquarters and trade to promote the revitalization of the furniture industry. Next, Longjiang Furniture will aim to build a global pan-furniture design capital, a globally influential regional super industrial IP, a globally influential furniture exhibition and trade highland, a globally influential high-end furniture headquarters base, and a globally influential furniture innovation center. The goal of the retail ecosystem is advancing, and Longjiang is moving towards the global high-end furniture industry center.



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